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Fitted furniture is fantastic.... And here are the reasons why!

Many families have a very busy, bustling, high speed lifestyle, which can in turn lead to the accumulation of belongings and necessary items. Files, books, stationary, children’s toys, board games, bottles of wine, clothes, items that hold an emotional value, ornaments, the dog, the kitchen sink, as you can see the list can go on and on.

So, where do you put all of these belongings, that may not be needed on a day-to-day basis, but are too important to put into long term storage or the attic?

A side table? A shelf? A box?... maybe a dresser? These are all fantastic ideas and very good solutions, but usually don't quite fit into the space that you may have for them, might not quite be as functional as you would like it to be, space tends to be wasted around the furniture or it might not match your home with aesthetics you had in mind. In other words, you settle for an item that is off the shelf and wastes all that space around the sides, that is invaluable to you and your family's needs in your home.

Here is where Amento’s fitted furniture comes to the rescue.

Floor to ceiling custom-built wardrobes can be an amazing statement in the bedroom, allowing you to dictate where shelves, drawers and clothing rails are needed, whilst maximising the space available. No space is wasted as we fit to the floor, walls and the ceiling, using every inch of your space.

Alcoves can be seen as an inconvenience in a home, a wasted space on each side of a chimney breast, a small recess with an unknown origin in an older house, perfect for cobwebs or abandoned clutter. Off the shelf furniture options are either too wide, too deep or leave so much wasted space surrounding them.

These alcoves are PERFECT for fitted storage, shelving units, cupboards, display cabinets and clutter disguisers. Having beautifully crafted, bespoke storage units can add extra value to your home whilst also making the spring clean a lot easier. Living life in bliss, whilst stunning doors soft-close to hide all those board games you only really use at Christmas.

The bathroom in a home usually tends to be the smallest room, whilst also having an abundance of toiletries and towels. A skilfully fitted under sink storage unit can hide away all of the unsightly clutter that is needed on a day-to-day basis, a full revamp of your boiler/airing cupboard could create the extra room needed for the towels, linen and other essential bathroom items any family might need.

These are just a few examples for where fitted furniture could positively impact your storage solutions.

It is time for you starting creating this more organised, calmer flow to your living space and Amento’s fitted furniture is here to help.

And just remember fitted furniture can also make your home more desirable to future buyers, providing seamless, beautiful storage solutions for years to come – futureproof!

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