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How colour can affect your mood

When selecting your colour palate for your interior design or fitted furniture, it is essential you think about how you want to feel in the space. There has been much research done behind colour phycology and the colours you surround yourself with, that may just impact how you live your life. Here at Amento, we wanted to share with you a few snippets of information to help you with the interior design of your space. So let’s delve into colour psychology:

  • Yellow: According to the experts, surrounding yourself with yellow may mean that you are a happy person in general, and perhaps ‘a bit more willing, than the average person’ to take risks. Light and bright yellow is an energising colour that provokes feelings of joy and optimism. Too be used with caution! Too much yellow can cause feelings of distress – ever looked into the sun for too long? Then you get what we mean. With Amento’s interior design team, we will ensure you will get the right balance.

  • Green: the colour green has associations with the natural world, generating tranquil and rejuvenating moods. Since shades of green reflect a variety of earthy tones, surrounding yourself with green accents, can create a calming and uplifting atmosphere. When we see green, we think FRESH, meaning green pallets are great for living spaces and kitchens. Our designers are always trying to push more plants into people’s interior design, it improves your mood and the air you breathe – win, win!

  • Red: using red shows you make decisions and stick with them! Red grabs your attention, giving an image of power and confidence. The primary colour red, evokes some of the most intense moods and emotions. With connections to love, passion, anger, and danger, red has a powerful impact on the human body. It generates a stimulating effect, increasing a person’s heart rate and energy levels. Introducing red into your interior design gives a bold statement and shows off your daring side!

  • Black: A powerful colour, which might be the reason why black is the most popular colour for luxury vehicles. People often describe the colour as sexy, powerful, and mysterious. Black tones woven into your colour pallet give the sense of decisiveness, strength and ownership of the space. There is a delicate balance not to over-do the black in your interior design, but typically is a must for most spaces.

  • Silver: Linked to a sense of innovation and modernity. High-tech products are often silver, so the colour is often seen as new, modern, and cutting-edge, great if that is your style preference. Reflective silver gives off a sense of space also, so small hints of silver in small spaces will make your area feel much bigger. Dull silver, i.e. Grey is for those who prefer something a little more subtle and timeless for their interiors and furniture.

  • Blue: People often describe blue as the colour of stability and safety. Light shades of blue have a calming effect and also signal dependability trustworthiness. Did you know that offices that provide health care often paint their walls light blue to soothe patients as it makes you feel less anxious. Similarly, you think of blue, you think of the sea, calming sea sounds, breeze and salty air, when we go on our holidays frequently, we seek out the seaside to give us a sense of calm and rest. If you are selecting a blue pallet, this will work really well in your children’s rooms (help calming them to bed!), therapy rooms, and bathrooms. Blue is also used in marketing to establish a professional brand – such as Facebook, Wickes, Twitter BMW etc.. so it can effectively work in home office environments too.

  • Purple: Unusually purple is rarely seen in our colour pallets for interior design these days, from a historical perspective, the colour purple has associations with royalty, authority, and wealth. So perhaps we don’t feel confident enough to flash the purple tones in our homes, but trust me when we do, it works WELL! Statement aubergine colours in your home give bold statements as we associate purple to creativity and imagination. Great to pair with orange hues or green tones in your interior design space. Perhaps opt for purple statement furniture rather than wall and floor coverings to elevate your space.

  • White: Associated with cleanliness and purity, the colour white gives a sense of space. Lot of us may think white is boring, however you can use white throughout every space to give a more decadent look and appeal. White is often used to evoke a sense of youth and modernity too. Let’s face it white will always be timeless.

Naturally not all of these interpretations are true for you specifically, as your colour selection will be impacted by your personal preferences, price, practicality for the space and of course, availability.

Get in touch with us to discuss our interior design packages and see how we can change your life through colour!

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